No one likes to stand in line and it seems to happen at the race track.  The Registrars of the NorthEast Division offer the following checklist to assist you in being prepared so that you move through registration more quickly.

  • □  Get an Annual Waiver.  The form is online at SCCA or ask any registrar.
  • □  Check that your license and membership are current.
  • □  Check your online entry to be sure that you have the correct crew, transponder, car info and that your name is the same as on your membership card.
  • □  If you have not pre-registered, down load and complete an entry form before you arrive at the track.
  • □  If you have not paid online, write a check made out to the region before you get to the window, or bring the correct amount of cash, or have a valid credit card if the region is accepting them at the track.
  • □  Prepare a minor waiver form ready for registrar’s signature at the track for each child.  The form is online at SCCA or ask any registrar.
  • □  When you get to the line:
  • □  If you have not pre-registered, have the completed paper entry in hand.
  • □  Have your license and membership in hand.
  • □  If you have a Novice Permit, complete the race page information, and have your membership in hand.
  • □  Have the check, cash or credit card ready.
  • □  Have the minor waivers ready.
  • □  If there are any crew changes, have their names noted for the registrar to change.
  • Remember, if every driver shows up when registration opens, there will be a line!  Together we can keep it moving.  If you have any questions, contact your local Chief of Registration.

    This Checklist in printable, pdf format.