SJR puts Pine Barrens Express on 1 year Hiatus - Bucks County Explorer Rally takes its place on November 17, 2012

South Jersey Region has placed our Pine Barrens Express (PBX) road rally on hiatus for the year 2012. The determining factor in making this decision was the budget cuts to our Park System has caused the roads to not be maintained to the point that speeds can no longer exceed 20 mph.

In place of the PBX we will be presenting  the  Bucks County Explorer Rally ( BCX).  The BCX will use the exact  format as the PBX.  The Rally will start at 2 pm and run until around 8:30 with a dinner break in the middle.  Route Instructions will be tulip diagrams with mileage to every instruction.  Bucks County has numerous twisty, hilly fun to drive roads and we plan to use as many of them as possible.  Both paved and unpaved roads will be used.  The challenge will be reaching the strategically placed Passage Controls on time.  The rally will most likely start/ finish in the New Hope, Pa area.  We will announce the location as soon as its finalized. Plan to join us for a fun afternoon/evening of rallying in beautiful Bucks County.