New England RoadRally Championship - Winter Challenge 16

New England RoadRally Championship - Winter Challenge 16

From 02/22/20 1:00 pm until 02/23/20 4:00 am Save to calendar

At The Hollow Inn 278 S Main St, Barre, VT 05641, USA

Posted by Trevor Alexander Hermance


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The weekend will consist of a single New England Regional, SCCA rally running from 4pm Saturday until 2am Sunday with 2 breaks.    Although no car-breaking roads will be used, the majority of the roads chosen are rural, unpaved roads, which will undoubtedly be snow and ice covered.  The rally will go no further east than Littleton, N.H.; no further north than Lyndon, VT; no further west than Montpelier, VT; and no further south than Bethel, VT.


This year the rally will again be a real Rally – not just a follow-the-leader tour along a simple course looking for that elusive ‘zero’.  Early in the event there are a couple of legs requiring extra thought from competitors – these do NOT require extensive rally knowledge – just common sense.  FYI: The maximum penalty at these controls will be 50. Competitors may find themselves off time - but NOT off course! It will, of course, be necessary to drive ‘briskly’ at times, both in the second and third section, along great Vermont twisty dirt/snowy roads.


The route of the whole rally will be approximately 240 miles (excp. Touring Class), with the maximum distance between gas stops of 90 miles.  The break between sections will be approximately 3/4 hour; there will be approximately 1 control per every 8 miles of rallying! 


Much of the rally is run at night on remote back roads.  It is essential that you and your vehicle be prepared for backcountry winter driving.  This means good winter tires (there are some steep uphill sections) and/or DOT approved studs, warning triangle, shovel, and tow rope for the vehicle.  This means warm clothes, blankets, flashlights, food, and whatever else you deem important.

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