Walczyks Farm

Address Ryan Road, Weedsport, NY 13166, USA

Address: Ryan Road, Weedsport, NY Map Link: Google Maps Detail: Directions: Take I-90 to exit 40, and then turn right onto Route 34. Continue on Route 34 through Weeksport until you reach E. Brutus Street, and then turn left onto E. Brutus Street. Take an immediate right onto County Route 12B (South Street or Weedsport-Sennet Road). Just outside of town you will find Ryan Road, where you need to turn left. The main entrance will then be on your right - be careful of the ditches at the entrance. From here if it is wet you will need either snow tires or 4WD (or both), so if your car is prone to getting stuck, please park at the entrance and ask for a lift. To get to the main course from the entrance, you will need to follow a trail through the woods, but it is clearly marked.

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