2013 NEDiv Regional Results

Event Date Region Track Event Name Results
4/13/13 WDC Summit Point  MARRS 1  Results
4/14/13 WDC Summit Point MARRS 2 Results
4/19/13 NER NHMS Granite State Triple Results
4/20-21/13 STC PIRC School/Club Trial/Restricted Double Regional Results
4/26/13 JRB NJMP-TB Devil in the Dark 12-hour Results
5/11-12/13 NNJR/TRI Pocono Joe Deluca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Races Results
5/11/13 JRB Pocono Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 1 Results
5/12/13 JRB Pocono Jersey Touring Car Challenge Round 1 Results
5/18-19/13 MVR NelsonLedges MVR Double Regional Results
5/25-26/13 GLEN Watkins Glen Glen Double Regional - May Madness Results
5/26/13 GLEN Watkins Glen Jersey Touring Car Challenge Round 2 Cancelled 
5/25-26/13 NER NHMS NER Triple Play Regional Results 
6/8-9/13 WDC Summit Point MARRS 5 Results
6/21-22/13 NER Lime Rock Double the Fun Regional Results 
6/22-23/13 FLR NelsonLedges FLR Westward Ho Double Regional Results 
6/29-30/13 JRB NJMP-L Lightning Challenge/MARRS 6 Results 
6/30/13 JRB NJMP-L Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 2 Results 
7/12-13/13 MHR Lime Rock John Stim Memorial Results 
7/12/13 JRB Lime Rock Jersey Touring Car Challenge Round 3 Cancelled
7/13-14/13 WDC Summit Point MARRS 7 Results 
7/20-21/13 GLEN Watkins Glen July Sprints Results
7/21/13 JRB Watkins Glen Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 3 Results
7/27-28/13 JRB NJMP-TB Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Rnds 4/5 Results
7/3-4/13 WDC Summit Point MARRS 8 Results
8/9-10/13 NER NHMS NER Race Against Leukemia Results
8/17-18/13 JRB NJMP-TB 2013 Summer Thunder Results
8/18/13 JRB NJMP-TB Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 6 Results
8/31-9/1 WDC Summit Point MARRS 11 Results
9/2/13 WDC  Summit Point MARRS 12 Results
9/7-8/13 NER  NHMS Cheap Date Triple Results
9/14-15/13 FLR Watkins Glen Fun One Results
9/20-21/13 NYR Lime Rock NARRC-Offs Results
9/28-29/13 MVR NelsonLedges MVR Golden Harvest Results
10/5/13 GLEN Watkins Glen Last Chance/Enduro Results
10/5-6/13 WDC Summit Point MARRS 13 Sat Results
Sun Results
10/18/13 JRB NJMP-TB Prelude - Single using Chicane Results
10/19-20/13 JRB NJMP-TB Jersey Road Racing Classic Results