This year's Round Table (on Saturday, March 7, 2015) will be a one-day event. There will be training sessions morning to mid-afternoon. Then, the Directors and Council meetings at the end of the day. This is intended to help it be a one-day event for many of our members. Lunch will be included in the fee. 

More details available soon. The schedule is being worked out, as well as any guests from National. Please come back often for details. (we are shooting for an 8am-3-3:30pm schedule of sessions, with the meetings after that.

Current Schedule

If you do not have a room yet, and Pocono Manor is full (I'm not sure what the status of rooms is), here is a list of other area hotels.

  • Comfort Inn & Suites - Mt. Pocono, PA 1.5 miles away 570-839-9282
  • Quality Inn & Suites - Mt. Pocono, PA 1.9 miles away 570-839-3600
  • Quality Inn - Stroudsburg, PA 11.4 miles away 570-420-1000
  • Travelodge- Mt. Pocono, PA 1.6 miles way  570-839-7728
  • Days Inn - Tannersville, PA 4 miles 570-629-1667
  • Ramada Limited - Tannersville, PA 5 miles away 570-629-4100
  • Knights Inn- Pocono- Bartonsville, PA 7.7 miles away 570-629-8000
  • Howard Johnson- Bartonsville, PA  8.7 miles away 570-424-6100


Program Overview

Rally Cross—James Quattro and Steve Hyatt

If you are interested in becoming a Rally Cross Safety Steward or just need an update, attend this session with James Quattro followed by a Town Hall led by Steve Hyatt.

Timing and Scoring—Linda Louie

Come an learn about the new changes for 2015 including the release of a newer version of Orbits and a change in the Insurance Fees calculation.

Pit & Grid—Bart Carlevaro

Join a working session on the new gird/pit manual and give your input.

Solo—Brian Reeves

Become a Solo Safety Steward by attending this training session which will lead to your license.

Stewards—Kathy Barnes

Saturday—Conversation and updates with the Executive Steward.
Sunday—Annual Steward Training session from 8:30 – 1:30 conducted by Fred Brinkel.

Race Administration - Cheryl Zebrowski and Jennifer Kintz

An interactive session covering off-track activities that Regions can host during event weekends.

Registration—Sandi Kryder & Terry Roberts

“MSR for Non-Registrars” Come to learn how you can set up a time table, look up information on Drivers, follow finances on line, access car info and more. Designed for Stewards, REs, Treasurers and any other interested parties. Bring a laptop and an MSR profile.

Time Trials—Matthew Yip & Rick Rock

Matt--A session on methods to reduce barriers to entry in a Time Trial event.
Rick—Track Trials and Hillclimbs: what it takes to hold them and how to operate them.

Tech—Paul Morrison

3 1 hour sessions. Session 1 - How Stewards and Tech should and do interact. Session 2 - Has Anyone seen my GCR?. Session 3 - Changes to Tech at the Majors and how it can help grow Tech at the divisional level. Sessions 2 and 3 are tentative, as Paul is unable to attend due to a work schedule change. He is tyring to find someone to lead sessions 2 and 3. Kathy Barnes will lead session 1.

Emergency Service, Flagging and Communication, Start—Ray Maliszewski, Wayne Armbrust, John Flowers

Joint ES/Start/F &C Panel Discussion “It’s All About Communication!”