While many of the previously mentioned specialties are comprised of people who either have no desire to race themselves, or plan to do so in the future, most Stewards are current or former drivers. Many have extensive experience in other specialties. Wherever they come from, all Stewards have accepted the responsibility for conducting road racing events.

The Chief Steward and his/her assistants take on the operational roles: managing the timeline, supporting the other specialties, ensuring the drivers’ safety and dealing with on-track infractions. The Chief Steward is also the head rules enforcer, charged with making sure the general conduct of the event is in accordance with the General Competition Rules. This official is also charged with maintaining order, which can be accomplished as simply as meeting with the people involved in a problem situation, by fines, or exclusion from the event of any person who is guilty of misbehavior.

The Stewards of the Meet and their Chairman are the judicial side of the race administration. They hear protests, deal with Requests For Action (RFAs) from the Chief Steward and decide penalties when rules have been broken.