What are Time Trials?

In your street car or your ready-to-run racer, it doesn’t matter, you want to race. SCCA wants to get you on the track! You supply your end of the bargain by showing up in your car, and through the four-step SCCA Time Trials program, we’ll supply ours.

Something For Everyone

The Time Trials program is designed to accommodate all types of cars - from street cars in the first-level, instructional Performance Driving Experience (PDX) events to fully-prepared race vehicles in the third-level Track Trial and fourth-level Hill Climb formats.

You Will Be Pushed at Every Level

No matter where you are as a driver, each of the four levels of the Time Trials will challenge you by meeting you at your skill level.

pdx-2For those who have never sat behind the wheel while on a track, the PDX provides instruction in both the classroom and on the track, giving drivers the opportunity to improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle.

When you’re ready to race against the clock, Club Trials is ready for you. The second level of the program, Club Trials builds on the instruction you received in the PDX while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against time. Competition classes are formed (with both street and fully-prepared race cars), and winners are decided by fastest time around the course. Club Trials is your first real taste of motorsports competition and is the perfect appetizer before you move to Track Trials and Hill Climbs, the main courses of the Time Trials program.

Street cars no longer cut it at Track Trials. Only cars prepared for Road Racing or Solo events are allowed as speeds and intensity levels are higher. The tier-three program offers closed-course track time, with competitions again decided by fastest time around the course.

Did you know that your road racing vehicle likes to get away from the track sometimes? We did. That’s why SCCA made Hill Climbs the fourth and top level of the Time Trials program. There are no more fences and no more grandstands. Full safety gear is mandatory as it’s just you, your car and a mountain road. Hill Climb events are run on paved mountain roads over short distances, and in the true spirit of racing, fast time wins.

911The best known hill climb is probably Pike's Peak in Colorado. However, there are many good hill climb roads in the Northeast, and the excitement is always high!

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