"Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless." - Anonymous

In the world, and in the SCCA, no truer words can be spoken. Our volunteers are what makes our club so special. And without our volunteers, there would be no racing, or rallying, or soloing (is that a word?).

And, lest we forget, the 'workers' at the track (or start point, or parking lot!) are only part of the story. Each event has a huge amount of planning behind the scenes. The people who do that planning are also volunteers.

SCCA Workers are a special breed. They do what they do not because it makes them feel important, but because they love what they do, and love watching other people having fun.

But most importantly, everyone in the SCCA is in it for the people. Once you are a member, you are part of one of the largest extended families in the world. And your SCCA friends are truly that, whether they ever met you, or not.

So, check out some of our volunteer positions, and see if there is something you like. As a volunteer, you are not required to continue doing that same job - move around, add variety, see what else is out there, meet new people. Whatever you find that keeps you interested, have fun!

Title Modified Date
Registration 05 August 2011
Scrutineering (Tech) 05 August 2011
Grid Marshals 05 August 2011
Pit Marshals 05 August 2011
F & C 08 September 2013
Starters 05 August 2011
Emergency Services 07 November 2012
Sound Control 05 August 2011
Timing & Scoring 05 August 2011
Stewards 05 August 2011