2020 NEDRRC Schedule / Standings

 Schedule will be updated soon. 2019 Schedue/Standings.

Event Date Region Track Event Name Results Standings
4/6-7/2019 WDC Summit Point  NEDRRC R1    
5/4-5/2019 NER Palmer NEDRRC R2    
6/14-15/2019 NER Lime Rock NEDRRC R3    
7/6-7/2019 GLEN Watkins Glen NEDRRC R4    
8/10-11/2019 SJR NJMP-T NEDRRC R5    
9/21-22/2019 FLR Watkins Glen NEDRRC R6    
10/4-5/2019 NER Thompson NEDRRC R7    
10/26-27/2019 STC PIRC NERDDR R8    

Northeast Divisional Road Racing Champioinship 2016 Series

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Divisional Series


The structure of SCCA National racing was changed as we moved into 2014. NeDIV created the following program. This series will serve multiple purposes for race drivers in the SCCA Northeast Division. First it will provide a Divisional Road Racing Championship. Second, this series provides for drivers that choose not to run the Majors program an alternate route to the SCCA Runoffs. Third, it provides drivers in all SCCA eligible classes the chance to compete at a higher level of racing and perhaps at tracks they would not ordinarily compete at.

The initial series (2014) was held at tracks that had been hosting the National races in 2011 or 2012. These individual race weekends were held by those regions that had been sanctioning the National races in 2012/2013. In the case where National events were either co‐sanctioned or sanctioned alternately between several regions the region sanctioning the event for that year will be the region of record for
the event. Beyond 2014, new event locations have been added or deleted as fits the needs of the series.

Format, Schedule and Points

The 2016 Divisional Race Championship series will consist of eight race weekends.

No new race weekends will be added to the schedule to accommodate this series. Those regions that are hosting Majors will host a Divisional Series weekend on one of their former regional series weekends, thus keeping the overall race weekend schedule count the same.

The race weekends will be open to the structure that best suits the sanctioning region and track. Be it a two day two race weekend, a two day practice/qualifying/race weekend or even a three day event. Whatever the structure, driver points will be awarded as follows: for races sanctioned as a "double race weekend" then the drivers will earn full points for each of the main races. On weekends hosting a single sanction "main event race" double points will be awarded for the main race. No points will be awarded for qualifying races, whether or not points are awarded for other series. To qualify for finishing points a driver must complete half of the race laps.

2016 Schedule

Results and Standings can be found on the 2016 NeDRRC Results page.

Event Date Event Location
April 9-10, 2016 Summit Point
May 7-8, 2016 Palmer
June 4-5, 2016 NJMP - Lightning
June 17-18, 2016 Lime Rock
July 9-10, 2016 Watkins Glen
August 13-14, 2016 PIRC (Long Course)
September 17-18, 2016 Watkins Glen
October 7-8, 2016 Thompson

Points Structure

The following point structure for the Divisional Championship Series will be used at each of the events:

Finish Position
Finish Position

All drivers that start a race event (main race) will earn 1 point for a start. To be eligible for start points a competitor must take the Green flag on the racing surface and cross the start finish line.

Awarding points down to 15th place will allow drivers in well subscribed classes to earn points toward the Championship. No one will go home feeling like they missed out on an opportunity.

Any driver that sets a new lap record during the main race during the weekend will earn an extra 10 points toward their Championship total. So a driver that finishes first in class and sets a new lap record will earn 51 points for the weekend. For example: a driver who finishes third but sets a lap record could earn 36 points to the winners 40, thus allowing the third place driver to stay in contention in points. Any driver that sets a new lap record but fails to complete the race distance would still earn the 10 points for the lap record.

Only points earned at a Divisional Championship Race Series weekend can be counted toward the Championship. No out of Division races can be counted toward the North East Division Road Racing Championship. No points earned at Majors events will be counted.

Trophies will be given to the top three finishers in each class.

At the end of the eight race weekend schedule Champions will be crowned in each of the participating classes.


Eligibility to become the Champion in any class will be participation in a minimum of four race weekends in the Divisional Championship Race Series in a given class. Drivers that lead a class in points but do not meet the 4 weekend minimum will not be crowned champions. Drivers can count all race finishes in their point totals. There are no drops in the Divisional Series. Drivers leading their class but not meeting the minimum requirements will not be crowned champions. Points and participation will not carry over to the following year. The Divisional Champions will be recognized after the last race of the season.

Runoffs Qualification

The SCCA Board of Directors has decided that the top three finishers in each Runoffs eligible class in the Divisional Championship will earn an invitation to the SCCA Championship Runoffs. In the two most subscribed classes (SM, SRF) the top five Divisional Championship finishers will earn invitations to the SCCA Championship runoffs. If a driver competes in both the Majors and the Divisional series and earns an invitation to the runoffs via the Majors, his/her spot in runoffs qualifications via the Divisional series will be forfeited and go to the next highest Divisional qualifying driver. Thus a driver will qualify either through the Majors or the Divisional series for the runoffs , but not both ways.

The Divisional Championship series may run beyond the cutoff date for invitations to the SCCA runoffs. Cutoff date for Runoffs eligibility is three weeks prior to the SCCA Runoffs. or as published. Drivers who have met the qualifications (four race weekends) and are in the top three positions in their eligible classes, will receive SCCA runoffs invitations. If a Divisional Series competitor is in one of the top three positions in a class and has met the minimum weekend requirements those drivers will have earned an invitation to the SCCA Runoffs. Points earned at Divisional race events after the cut off date for SCCA Runoffs will be carried towards qualification for the following year’s SCCA Runoffs. These same weekends will also count as participation weekend with regard to Runoffs qualifying.

To offset the cost of the Divisional series, there will be a five dollar per car/per Divisional Race sanction fee in 2016 to be set aside for funding the series.

Class eligibility: All current GCR car classifications plus the following Regional only classes, Club Ford, ITE, SM2, SMT, SPO, SPU, IT7 and SSM.

Regional only class rules are posted on the NEDiv Web Site at: NEDiv Class Rules