What is Club Racing?

In short, Club Racing is high speed, wheel to wheel racing on a permanent road racing facility. There are two levels of Club Racing; Regional and National events. If you find yourself interested in pursuing this type of racing, we highly recommend

Go Ahead, Take the WheelGo Ahead - Take the Wheel. This is a website by Dave Gran, and it chronicles the how to's and fun of the different levels of racing. (from solo to PDX to Club Racing)

There are classes for street cars-from showroom stock and touring through highly modified production and GT, formula cars and sports racers. Everything from race prepared street cars to single seat competition only, racing cars. All vehicles must be approved for racing with safety in mind and therefore have such additions as a; roll cage, window net, fuel cells, safety harness and speed rated or pure racing slick tires.

Turn 9 at the GlenBoth the driver and the vehicle must be approved for competition before a wheel is turned at an event. Vehicles must be approved by a Nationally licensed Technical Inspector and drivers must obtain a novice log-book from the SCCA National Office, pass an annual physical examination and prove themselves capable by completing a minimum of 2 SCCA approved driver's schools. Those with prior wheel to wheel racing experience in other organizations are occasionally waived into Regional racing after successful completion of one school.

Touring Cars in Turn 9 at the GlenAll the rules and requirements can be found in the General Competition Rules (GCR) put out by the SCCA and updated on an annual basis. If you are interested in Road Racing, pick up a copy of the GCR and determine which class you would like to run in and get the full story on driver requirements also. More information on Club Racing can also be found on the SCCA national website at